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How Much Does A Gas Line Installation Cost?

Natural Gas Line Installation Average Cost

In Redwood City (San Mateo County), the average cost of gas line installation per foot is about $75. However, the actual cost to install a gas line depends on the length of the gas line, the complexity of the installation, and other factors. The main factors are size and length of the line. 

The total cost will depend on: 

  • size and length of the gas pipe 
  • location of the pipes in the home or commercial building 
  • the number of turns required – The number of turns determine the number of fittings and other job supplies, such as thread sealant. It also increases the amount of timer required for installation since each pipe needs to be measured, cut and threaded before installing. 

Because of the factors above, it’s best to actually get a plumbing contractor to come out and give you an estimate.

Gas Piping Cost Considerations

In general, a gas line is installed by your local gas company or a licensed plumber. Sometimes your local gas company provides this at no charge, so contact your provider for details. No matter who is handling the job, there are a number of factors that considered that determines the complexity, and therefore the cost, of the project. Each gas appliance that’s connected to a gas line requires a certain number of BTUs (British Thermal Units), a thermal energy measurement, to operate effectively. A given gas line has a BTU threshold relative to its length. In some cases, it’s possible to simply extend a gas line in order to accommodate a new appliance. But if the demand from the new appliance exceeds the gas line’s BTU limit, it will be necessary to run a new line from the gas manifold to the appliance. 

Additional Considerations that Affect the Gas Line Installation Cost

If your local government requires a permit for new gas lines, add permit fees to the total cost.  

A permit is required for installing a new gas line for Redwood City and the rest of the cities in San Mateo County. If your property is not in San Mateo County, check with your licensed plumbing contractor or local government office to find information specific to your area.  

Depending on how deep you dig for a new gas line, you may also need to call the 811 “Call Before You Dig” number to get clearance that there isn’t anything dangerous in the ground around where you plan to dig. Your licensed plumbing contractor would take care of this for you.  

Although it is possible to install a gas line yourself, it is highly recommended to hire a licensed professional. Working with flammable gas when installing a gas line is high risk, and licensed plumbing professionals have the experience to eliminate most of it and avoid a gas explosion. There are also certain types of products or pipes that are only available to professionals because of their volatile nature. 

To find out what the cost of the gas line installation for your home or commercial property, give us a call to schedule our plumber to come out for an estimate. At Sanctified Plumbing, estimates are always free. 

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